Barricade Broadband Router

If you're unfamiliar with what the Barricade can do, check the Product Guide details page, or the reviews of the earlier model, or its Asante twin.  I'm going to focus mainly on the differences between the older and newer versions. You'd think that SMC would have taken the opportunity to use a more attractive design for the enclosure, but the Barricade is still pretty much the same homely little gray box.  It's slightly wider, the LEDs have been moved to the front of the box and are much easier to see, a reset button has been added, and the power switch removed.  The connector layout is the same, however, with WAN Ethernet, serial, and printer ports on the rear and LAN ports on the front.  A welcome improvement is the fact that the LAN ports are now auto MDI/MDI-X sensing.  This feature, which seems to becoming standard on new routers eliminates the need for both crossover cables and "uplink" ports, and gets you reliably connected to whatever piece of Ethernet gear you connect it to.

LPR print server

NTP based real time clock, which automatically finds a Network Time server at router bootup (you can't control which one), and sets the clock.  You just have to tell it what time zone you're in.

Access Control by Time of Day. You can block access to ranges of ports for ranges of IP addresses either always or for certain times of the day and days of the week.  You also get six sets of Access controls vs. four in the BR.

Dialup Auto Failover - The serial port can now automatically start a dial-up or ISDN connection via the built-in serial port when the Broadband WAN connection goes down and restore the Broadband connection when it returns.

Virtual Server Public and Private ports -  All Virtual Servers can now have both their "Public", i.e. Internet, and "Private", i.e. LAN ports specified.  This allows you to have your FTP or other server accessed from whatever Public port you want.

"Hacker Attack" monitoring and logging - See the comments below.

No rebooting when changing admin settings.

  • Power

  • WAN Link/Activity

  • LAN Link/Activity (4)

  • LAN 10/100 (4)

  • One RJ45 10BaseT Ethernet WAN

  • Four RJ45 10/100BaseT switched Ethernet LAN

  • One DB9M  "COM" port.

  • One DB25F parallel printer port.

  • Power

Comes with
  • printed Quick Installation Guide

  • CDRom with PDF copies of documentation and print server client installer

  • One CAT5 UTP cable

  • 100-120VAC Power supply

  • Hardware reset button

  • NO Uplink or Normal / Crossover switch for LAN Ports, but ports are auto-MDI/MDI-X 

Host Username Password blank blank blank blank
Name Version Type Category
SMC7004ABRBarricadeBroadbandRouter_R3.pdf 1.0 User Manual User Manual Download